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The cloud-based legal technology company Krapaymall is a CA. Powered by AI

About Us

A LegalTech platform for all of your company requirements is Krapaymall. We are a curated online LegalTech platform that links businesses with over 500,000+ independent experts, including ex-CFOs, ex-CEOs, top-rated lawyers, CPAs, CS, and CFAs. We serve as a one-stop forum for asking and discussing difficult tax queries, assurance, audit, and legal advisory problems, as well as providing occasional responses. For those of you who cannot get enough legal news bytes, we also offer legal updates & news.

Krapaymall is a network of independent specialists with specialties in a range of industries, including assurance product certifications, legal, tax, and other specialties. For entrepreneurs and start-ups, we designate a specialised relationship manager who assists them in accessing the best consultations and growth advice for their companies.

We Respect Our Clients!

Customer satisfaction is always our first focus, and Krapaymall constantly adds value to your company’s operations to support the creation of your strategic objectives. By using this approach, we make sure that every stakeholder adds something to your business. We make an effort to adhere to and adopt the best practises around the world while offering services that are up to par with global standards.

What We Do?

Our team includes over 450+ CAs, 300+ CSs, 250+ CMAs, 300+ MBA Graduates, and 450+ Lawyers that provide consulting services using a “Client-Centric” Business Model. We are incredibly convenient to reach. Drop your question, and your professionals will respond right away to meet all of your demands.

We Keep Reaching Outstanding Heights!

The “Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in Asia – Red Herring” and “Forbes 30 Under 30 in American Business and Industry Figures Lists” have both been given to Krapaymall. In the future, we hope to work towards even more achievements and milestones.

Our Vision

To offer all of your businesses the greatest complete domestic and international services.

Our Mission

Being the best consulting firm for effective technology, including data-driven software and artificial intelligence.

Core Values

Good for All

We bring value to your company by helping you create your strategic objectives. By using this approach, we make sure that every stakeholder receives some sort of benefit.

Perfect Practice

We adhere to and use best practises from all over the world, which have global quality standards. We make sure that quality best practises are provided as part of our engagements in order to give business solutions. We constantly work to stay current with global best practises.


We take a constant stance. We make it a point to continuously evaluate our strategy from the start of a project. We make sure there are no communication breakdowns that compromise the quality of the services. Any member of our team you spoke with would offer the same level of service. You may have entire confidence in us.

Continual Development

We constantly work to get better depending on feedback. We can assure you that our experts take the supplied feedback to heart and put it to good use.

Frequently Asked Questions

A network of independent professionals known as Krapaymall specialises in a number of different sectors, including legal, tax, product certifications, and other services provided by independent professionals.

Krapaymall is not a law firm, and it neither offers legal services, legal advice, nor “lawyer referral services”; it also does not engage in the practise of law.

Incorporating your business, managing all necessary government licencing requirements, maintaining compliance measures, maintaining liaisons with governmental authorities, and many other company regulatory services are all part of what Krapaymall, a group of independent professionals, aims to offer our domestic and international clients.

Krapaymall is not a law firm, a CPA firm, or a company that has regulatory body accreditation. Krapaymall is a network of experts who act as independent consultants, supplying leads to other experts in order to address your inquiries.

We are trustworthy and dependable. We were named to the “Forbes 30 Under 30 in American Business and Industry Figures Lists” and the “Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in Asia – Red Herring” lists.

Why Choose Us?

  • For your company, we offer complete local and international services.
  • We employ cutting-edge technology including data-driven software and artificial intelligence.
  • seasoned group of accountants, attorneys, and business experts.
  • 24-hour customer service.

Our Core Services

Enterprise Services
Startup Services
Global Services


  • Guidance on Choosing the Right Type of PPI
  • Assistance in Obtaining No Objection Certificate from RBI
  • Complete Guidance from Incorporation to Obtaining PPI License
  • Drafting of a Detailed Business Plan
  • IT Infrastructure Planning and Compliance


  • Procedure for Registration of partnership firm.
  • Liaising with relevant regulatory authorities for partnership firm registration process.
  • Partnership Agreement and Deed Drafting Services.
  • Obtaining Deed Number for the Partnership.
  • Obtaining the PAN number of the partnership.


  • Complete assistance for Company Registration in Germany
  • Documentation support
  • Advisory services
  • Liaising with the concerned regulatory authorities for Company formation in Germany
  • End to End Support

Our Testimonials

Krapaymall employs technology more effectively than others. Team Krapaymall is more effective than its conventional competitors, which allows it pass the cost advantage to its clients. As a result, time and money are saved. The business is using technology and process automation in consulting to its fullest potential to create high levels of transparency in legal services. I heartily endorse this business.
Outstanding advice provided by the Krapaymall Team. They are among our most reliable partners. We received assistance from Narendra and his colleagues with our pre-NBFC applications and post-NBFC consultancy services.

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