KRA ASpace is a cutting-edge enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) and automation platform that enables businesses to quickly implement and scale AI-based solutions, resulting in organisations that are quicker, smarter, and more prepared for the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based transformation via automation is urgently required in today’s fiercely competitive, fast-paced, global corporate environment. AI is taking charge of an organization’s digital transformation thanks to the promise of speed, convenience, and cost optimization while simplifying complex processes and systems.


But, AI adoption in India has been more measured since firms confront hurdles, which do not enable them to expand from proof-of-concept to production-grade deployment. Among the difficulties firms have in adopting enterprise AI are:


  • long development times for AI solutions
  • concerns about data security and privacy
  • Failure to transition from proof-of-concept to production Issues with coming up with numerous point solutions
  • not being able to promote direct business usage


How may KRA’s ASpace platform for artificial intelligence be of assistance?


Based on cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and AI models, KRA ASpace offers a customized set of AI solutions intended to meet the needs of businesses. ASpace is an enterprise-grade platform created for Data Scientists, Function Heads, and Centers of Excellence. It can alter the way businesses operate, deliver customer experience, save expenses, and improve compliance, giving them a major competitive edge.


KRA ASpace can help you accelerate and scale AI adoption throughout your business with its 30+ pre-built, ready-to-deploy solutions. It not only enables complete business process automation, but also cuts down the deployment period of AI solutions from months to days.


Important aspects of ASpace


  • based on a robust set of more than 100 cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and AI models
  • the ability to host on-site, assuring data security
  • the capacity to develop unique solutions beyond 30+ ready-to-deploy solutions for business processes
  • creates the ideal solution for your business difficulties by combining powerful AI capabilities such as machine learning, deep learning, knowledge extraction, natural language processing, and computer vision.
  • AI lifecycle automation for deployment and monitoring
  • Integrating enterprise data and apps in a secure manner