By utilising the most cutting-edge cutting-edge technologies, we can assist you in implementing analytics across your whole organisation to develop, protect, and optimise your business. The real benefit of analytics is found in fully integrating them into decision-making stages of corporate operations.

What KRA Tax technology and data solutions can do for you

Businesses have business issues that analytics can help with, not analytics problems. The goal of KRAis to assist customers in becoming intelligent, information-driven companies where fact-based decision-making is integrated into day-to-day operations from the boardroom to the front line, which eventually results in better processes and outcomes.

KRA clarifies the language of analytics for you and shows you how insights may support sure-footed, fact-based decisions. By integrating data gathering and analytics into important organizational streams, we assist you in developing the frameworks and procedures that turn data into a strategic asset. Additionally, we assist you in finding hidden performance drivers in both conventional and nonconventional data functions, including talent and HR, marketing, operations, customer experience, and more.


We utilize artificial intelligence (AI), automation and predictive capabilities to streamline processes and navigate the future. We give you the broad perspectives and fresh ideas you need to take decisive action in resolving problems, seizing chances, and igniting inventive growth.


Our consulting services in analytics assist you with:


Make the finance department responsive and flexible.


Change is required as a result of emerging technologies and market participants, evolving consumer wants and behavior, and rapidly expanding data volumes. A heterogeneous structure, inefficient processes, and numerous finance functions still cause them to struggle.


Analytics can aid in:


  • Keep an eye on performance management
  • lower the cost of financing
  • Matching people’s abilities


Control your risks to ensure success in the future.


While analytics has produced significant advantages for both firms and customers, there are also hazards involved. Whether data sets are large or small, the need to secure sensitive information, safeguard private information, and monitor data quality still persists. To use analytics while avoiding the hazards, a company needs a complete strategy. This is because the unique characteristics of big data create new kinds of risks.


Analytics can aid in:


  • Enhance internal audit and risk management procedures to help the company produce even better goods and services.
  • Reduce costs while allowing the risk and internal audit units to offer business insights and serve as strategic advisors.
  • Streamline regulatory procedures while enhancing quality.
  • Find the next danger.


Unleash the potential of your clients.


Consumers today are more intelligent, well-informed, and demanding than ever thanks to technology. They are skilled at information filtering, can switch between channels with ease, and demand value and quality in exchange for their money as well as tailored offers that cater to their demands. Regardless of the industry, firms confront fierce competition. Machine-learning algorithms can uncover hidden insights about customer behavioral patterns that allow you to reposition, restructure, and better focus your efforts on profitability and growth by analyzing sales data at the customer level and integrating it with competitor information and market events.


Analytics can aid in:


  • entice and keep the appropriate clients
  • Realize existing clients’ full value
  • Improve your channel mix.


the development of human resources


You can estimate future service demand and make the best human resource allocation decisions by using sophisticated modeling and reporting technologies. By using analytics to streamline resource allocation and gain a deeper understanding of your workforce, you may improve performance while lowering expenses.


Analytics can aid in:


  • Obtain employee perception
  • optimize the use of resources


Make your supply chain responsive and flexible.


Traditional supply chain models are changing, and you must adapt to the new realities. As part of a comprehensive supply chain strategy, you need sophisticated, connected tools to drive optimal performance, facilitate better operational decision-making, monitor risks, anticipate disruptions, and support rapid recovery. In order to meet customer demand and maximize operational efficiency throughout their whole value chain, businesses must increase the usage of cutting-edge solutions built on analytics and visualization.


Analytics can aid in:


  • To succeed in operational excellence
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce expenses


Analyses can be outsourced using analytics-as-a-service


The market-leading proprietary technology, cutting-edge analytical capabilities, and in-depth industry sector expertise are all included into the EY Client Technology Platform. The solutions offered on our platform comply with stringent security and regulatory requirements and are compatible with leading industry standards. The data is compliant with data privacy policies and is safely hosted in the cloud. Our platform offers scalable infrastructure to satisfy client requirements in both conventional and atypical data tasks, including operations, customer experience, talent and HR, marketing, and more.