Company Registration in Abu Dhabi

One of the Middle East’s most advanced cities is Abu Dhabi. This city is the second largest in terms of geographic area, right behind Dubai. Many businesses are establishing their operations in the city as a result of the abundance of free trade zones and investment opportunities. Investors want to register their companies in Abu Dhabi as a result. In Abu Dhabi, conducting business is very easy. Yet, conducting business in this city necessitates adherence to local laws.

Company Registration in Abu Dhabi- An Overview

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the second-largest city in the Middle East. Since the aforementioned cities are constantly competing with one another, there are several prospects for a firm to establish itself. Several businesses opt to go through the Abu Dhabi company formation process. This is a result of the tax benefits that a business can obtain. Due to several advantages linked to structure and investing, a lot of foreign investors choose to register their companies in Abu Dhabi.

A firm that is established in Abu Dhabi cannot have 100% foreign ownership. A national of Abu Dhabi must be appointed and hold 51% of the company’s shares. The person can also be a local UAE citizen who resides in the UAE. There are several types of free trade zones in the nation that enable investors to take into account various chances.

Benefits of Company Registration in Abu Dhabi

The advantages of company establishment in Abu Dhabi include the following:

  • Many Company Structure Types

For the company registration procedure in Abu Dhabi, there are various business structure types that can be used. So, a foreigner has a variety of options to select from when registering a corporation.

  • No-go areas

More than 8 free zones are available in Abu Dhabi for conducting business. So, an investor has the option of choosing one of these free zones to conduct business in Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi, a separate free zone corporation may be created.

  • Common Law System

Abu Dhabi’s legal system has altered as a result of repeated government interference. In addition to this, there are additional elements that support the growth of the legal system. This would be the rise in the number of US and UK law firms operating in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabii government has reacted favourably to these businesses and modified the law to create a uniform structure.

  • Growth of the Tourist Industry

Abu Dhabi has one of the highest tourist-related revenues in the Middle East. For a variety of businesses, Abu Dhabi functions as a global hub and an international financial centre. There are numerous places here that draw tourists. The FIFA will be held in Abu Dhabi in 2022, luring more businesses to set their shop there. Because of all the aforementioned factors, businesses may seek to diversify.

  • Tax Advantages

Due to the UAE’s lack of any taxation, Abu Dhabi is a great place for businesses to lower their global taxation. Global tax, personal tax, withholding tax, corporation tax, and any kind of VAT will all be included in this tax. Oil and gas companies are the only businesses in Abu Dhabi that must pay taxes. Many double taxation agreements exist between Abu Dhabi and other nations.

Eligible Business Structures for Company Registration in Abu Dhabi

The business formats for forming a corporation in Abu Dhabi are as follows: