Company Registration in Greece

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Company Registration in Greece- Complete Overview

Because Greece is a relatively business-friendly nation, the number of investors and corporate entities there keeps growing every year. The country’s geographic location makes travel to Southeast Europe and the Middle East simple. This implies that investors can readily reach these sizable markets with their Greek-made goods and services. There are numerous trade advantages for Greek companies. Investors are also encouraged by the low levels of bureaucracy in company establishment. Before forming a company in a specific place, one must take into account a number of factors, including the available business structures, market dynamics, eligibility requirements, the company’s scope of operations, compliance needs, etc. You may proceed with the incorporation process once you have taken into account all of these factors.

Reasons to Incorporate Company in Greece

There are many factors that entice entrepreneurs to establish a firm in Greece. In this section, we talked about a few of them:

  • low cost of labour

In Greece, labour is reasonably priced. So, by forming a corporation in Greece, enterprises typically save a little cash.

  • tax advantages

Foreign investors have benefited from company registration in Greece because of the country’s tax-efficient commercial options. All business representatives now get tax breaks, which has encouraged the growth of businesses and firms across a variety of industries.

  • excellent infrastructure

Furthermore, Greece’s roads, ports, and railroad infrastructure are also being modernised. Greece has top-notch logistics and communication infrastructure. This has greatly streamlined the business process.

  • tolerant regulatory framework

Greece’s business environment is quite open considering the nation’s reputation for bureaucracy. The bureaucratic difficulties have been greatly minimised by new internet methods.

  • incentives that encourage investment

The government in Greece continues to give investment incentives with a view to support regional development, environmental conservation and energy-efficient initiatives. The incentive’s value varies depending on the sector and the area, although it frequently takes the form of grants, interest subsidies, or tax breaks.

Different types of Business Structures in Greece

An acceptable business structure must be selected before a firm may be incorporated. There are several corporate structures available, including:

  • Company Limited Liability

One of the most popular business structures, particularly for starting a small or medium-sized business, is an LLC. In Greece, an LLC corporate structure with a minimum of one shareholder and one director is an option. Regardless of nationality, this could be a person or a legal body. The shareholders’ responsibility shall be restricted to the amount of capital they have invested.

  • Public Company

Similar to a limited liability company, this business entity only needs one shareholder and one director, who can be a natural person or a legal entity from any country. This business structure differs from the other two in that it can be established with just one euro in share capital.

  • Company Limited by Shares

This corporate structure requires one shareholder and three directors, who may be natural persons or corporations from any country.

  • Partnership

Investors have the option of registering either general or limited partnerships. Members of general partnerships, unlike those of limited partnerships, do not have limited liability. Due to its flexibility and guarantee of limited liability in terms of debts and obligations, limited liability partnerships are preferred by the majority of foreign investors in Greece. A partnership must have a minimum of two members and a share capital of 1,000 Euros.

  • Division Office

One shareholder and one director are required to establish a branch office in Greece. Because the branch office is not registered as an independent legal organisation, the parent business will be held liable for its operations.

  • Reprographic Office

A representative office is established to conduct market research and promote the goods and services of its parent firm. It is unable to engage in any profitable or commercial operations.

Documents required for Company Registration in Greece

There will be a need for the following papers:

  • copies of current passports and IDs;
  • a true copy of the initial legal entity’s codified Articles of Incorporation;
  • evidence of company capital payments made as required by law during the establishment process;
  • complete director information;
  • Detailed information on stockholders.
Company Registration Process

The Company Registration Process is very straightforward. The process has been laid down below:

  • Organization Name Registration

Firstly decide upon the name for your firm. To verify the availability of a company name and provide proof of its originality, contact the Chamber of Business and Industry.

  • paperwork filing

Business owners must next submit company documents to the appropriate authority and sign the articles of incorporation in front of a legal representative.

  • Shares-in-Trade deposited

The required minimum share capital must be placed in accordance with your company’s organisational structure.

  • AOA submission to the country’s printing press

For publication in the Greek National Gazette, a summary of the articles of association must be sent to the national printing office. The AOA should include information such as the company’s entire trade name, mission, the amount of each partner’s contribution, and other pertinent information.

  • Business Seal

There should be a company seal created. Together with the company’s tax registration number, the seal must also list the responsible tax agency.

  • a declaration of incorporation

A certificate of incorporation will be issued once the aforementioned process is finished. When a Greek company is incorporated, the Greek Companies Registry issues the Greece Certificate of Incorporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I establish my business in Greece?

Furthermore, Greece’s roads, ports, and railroad infrastructure are also being modernised. Greece has top-notch logistics and communication infrastructure.

Which different business structure options are there in Greece?

There are many different kinds of corporate structures, including LLCs, partnerships, branch offices, and representative offices, among others.

Can a firm with 100% foreign ownership be established in Greece?

For Greek company establishment, full foreign ownership is a possibility.

What tax breaks are available to businesses in Greece?

Throughout the nation, tax breaks were made available to all business representatives.

Can a foreign business conduct direct business in Greece?

Greek business can be conducted directly by an international corporation or via a branch office.

Do foreign stockholders face any restrictions?

There aren’t any particular limitations on foreign stockholders, either.