Organizations can receive a clear picture of their present cyber risk posture and capabilities from KRA Cybersecurity, Strategy, Risk, Compliance, and Resilience departments, which can help them decide where, how, and why to spend in controlling their cyber risks.

How KRA can help you

KRA Cybersecurity, strategy, risk, compliance and resilience teams assist firms analyze the effectiveness and efficiencies of their cybersecurity and resilience programmes in the context of driving business growth and operational strategies. These services are consistent wherever they are used (in information technology, the internet of things, operational technology, the cloud, etc.), quantify risk clearly, capture present organizational risks, and show how risks from cyberspace will be managed moving ahead. It is possible to combine each service to create a bigger programme or transformation effort. Teams from KRA can assist organizations with:


  • Provide enterprises a clear understanding of the existing cyber risk posture and capabilities, assisting them in deciding where, how, and why to spend in controlling cyber risks.
  • Assist in developing and carrying out a plan and comprehensive cyber programme that enables logical, well-structured decision-making and a cost-benefit analysis of cyber threats.
  • aid EY clients in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance standards as a result of a well-planned and carried out cyber function.
  • Reduce the influence of human behavior by promoting education and awareness to create a culture that is more risk-aware.
  • Maintain a programme that can withstand changing cyberthreats and digital business tactics.