Today, being ahead of the curve is essential. By the use of automated, real-time, industry-leading AI algorithms, EY Spotmentor enables businesses, governments, and industry groups to identify and fill skills gaps.

Future skills can be acquired with the aid of KRA Spot Mentor.

  • Create online learning institutions for a variety of departments, such as sales, finance, supply chain, artificial intelligence (AI), big data & analytics, and cybersecurity.
  • Using AI-based job and person matching, career and succession decisions can be made more effectively.
  • Promote retraining and upskilling at a wide scale for both governments and large commercial enterprises.


How RAK cultivates future abilities


A cloud-based SaaS technology platform called KRA Spot Mentor enables businesses to forecast the skills they will need for the future of work, make plans for changes in demand and supply, and take steps to acquire those abilities. The platform benefits businesses, governments, and trade associations by: