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Package Inclusions:

  • Cross-Border Conditions
  • Compliance with the Law Transfer Price Transactions
  • Various Tax Problems
Overview of International Tax Advisory Services

The tax that is accrued on a person or corporation depending on the tax regulations of various nations is referred to as international tax.

The economies of the world have advanced and gotten closer. More cross-national economic transactions have resulted from rising liberalisation and globalisation. Because of the growing worldwide integration, a person’s income is no longer constrained by national borders and there are opportunities to make money abroad.

Due to the fact that the taxpayer is earning income abroad but paying taxes in their resident state, this has caused problems with international transactions. This implies that in addition to worldwide income taxation, the taxpayer must also pay source-based taxation.

What are the Problems faced by Taxpayers pertaining to International Tax?

Taxpayers’ issues with respect to foreign taxation include:

  • ignorance of the International Tax System’s revisions
  • Uncertainty over how international tax is handled in accordance with the relevant laws
  • incurring severe fines for failing to adhere to international tax regulations
  • Handling the overlapping of taxes between multiple countries is difficult

Why does a Taxpayer need International Tax Advisory Services?

If the taxpayer conducts business internationally or engages in cross-border competition, then the taxpayer must adhere to all applicable tax laws, including statutory compliance in accordance with statutory requirements, and must stay current with new legislative developments, which can be difficult for the tax professional.

In a world of heightened global competitiveness, creating a tax strategy and coordinating its implementation with it are essential to a company’s success.

What are the Benefits of International Tax Advisory Services?

The following is a list of the advantages of international tax advisory:

  • provides tax credit assistance
  • Avoids Tax Discrimination and Facilitates Simple Tax Recovery
  • better investments are available
  • enhances international relations between different countries
  • allows for international tax conformity.
  • prevents the imposition of severe punishments.
Penalty for non-compliance with the International Taxation Regime

According to section 271GA of the Income Tax Act of 1961, the taxpayer is liable for a penalty equal to 2% of the value of the overseas transactions if he fails to provide the papers about the international income as required by section 285A of the ITA.

Enterslice International Taxation Services its coverage and experience

Our tax experts are located throughout the world and have the tools, expertise, and resources to assist the following transactions for the businesses:

  • Borderless requirements
  • Legal Obligation
  • transactional pricing transfers
  • various tax difficulties

Getting current analytical tax insights requires achieving corporate objectives. The ensuing geographic networks can be used to obtain the necessary knowledge.

Group for EU Direct Tax

International Tax Desks of the Latin American Tax Group

1.       EU Direct Tax Group:

A pan-European network, EUDTG consists primarily of direct tax law specialists. To adapt to the changes and explore one’s activities, opportunities, and investment choices, one will need to stay up to speed.

Contents of EUDTG:

Alerts on EUDTG News: It is intended to stay current on significant judgements and viewpoints, particularly regional advancements in direct taxation.

Bimonthly Bulletin from EUDTG: It is a summary of all pertinent ECJ and national court rulings and decisions pertaining to state aid and direct tax regulations.

2.   Latin American Tax Group:

Latin America’s ongoing development and stability make it a desirable place for multinational corporations to consider doing business and growing an already established presence.

In America, LATAX has a core team with extensive technical, business, and cultural knowledge of pan-regional Latin American tax challenges.

Our core team provides critical services as follows:

Acquisitions, disposal, and mergers

Setting up new businesses in a new area

financing the operations in Latin America

Taxation of international transactions, including tax deductions and withholding

shared service centres in the region

frameworks for holding companies in different locations

Contract and toll manufacturing models with limited risk distribution are used in limited service risk models.

3.   International Tax Desks:

With the specialised tax and business knowledge necessary for investigating new opportunities, our International Tax Desks feature seasoned tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Globalized Research and Development

The nation’s economy depends heavily on innovative and newcomers, which may help obtain grants and tax advantages to stimulate investment from outside the country.

Our group of R&D experts offers assistance in locating and registering research outlays. As a result, the team of international experts assists the multinational in developing its corporate strategy for cross-border transactions, identifying the impact of transfer pricing, and taking advantage of tax incentives.

The roadmap to implementing the strategy is as follows:

Please list the research activity.

Check the thorough accounting records to determine the cost of tax reduction.

Think about several alternative, hypothetical, and existing tax planning tactics based on the various jurisdictions.

assembling, planning, and creating documentation to support and lower allowable expenses

Create policies and tools that will make it possible to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of current and future incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the types of international tax?

There are two different kinds of global tax, i.e.

Source-based taxation and global tax

What are the laws related to international taxation in India?

Sections 5 and 9 of the Income Tax Act of 1961, which discuss various forms of taxable income and serve as deeming provisions for international taxation in India, respectively, contain provisions relating to international taxation.

Does NRI need to pay international tax?

Absolutely, regardless of the age requirements in their country, an NRI must pay worldwide tax according to the slab, just like an Indian person under the age of 60. He is, however, excused from paying taxes under the following circumstances.

if investments and long-term capital gains make up all of the taxable income

if income has already been taken out at the source.

What is DTAA?

DTAA, or double taxation avoidance agreement, is an abbreviation. In 1960, the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties covered this topic. It deals with how taxes are handled and calculated for both the treaty and the two countries.

Is there any provision in the Indian legal system regarding DTAA?

Indeed, Section 90 of the Income Tax Act of 1961 contains provisions pertaining to the DTAA. This clause grants the Indian government the right to negotiate double taxation arrangements with other nations or particular areas.