a digital hiring accelerator driven by AI that assists businesses in speeding up the hiring process, enhancing candidate satisfaction, and improving hire quality.

How KRA can improve the caliber of hire

KRA TalentMiner, an AI-powered digital accelerator, may assist your company in finding the “perfect” candidate for the job, finding the candidate from the “right sources,” and offering capabilities for quicker screening and increased employee retention. The remedy can aid in:


  • Establish a unique role profile that will work well in the setting of the organization.


  • Determine the numerous methods for finding and hiring someone with that profile.


  • Reduce the overall hiring time by creating bespoke screening/hiring workflows that make use of matching and ranking, chatbots, evaluations, bot-based interviews, and interview schedulers.


  • Implement change management strategies such as training, communication, and other techniques to integrate the improved hiring process into the organization’s culture.


  • Adapt dashboards and reports to the needs of the company


  • Data governance as a foundation for starting and sustaining data-driven human decision-making


  • To reach predetermined goals, track the recruiting, retention, and performance improvement efforts.