The abilities most in need in 2030 will include critical thinking, creativity, and complex problem solving. But, workers also require significantly improved digital, technical, management, and cultural competences in order to adapt to the new work environment that is evolving.


Learning and development (L&D)

The future of employment is being shaped by factors such as ongoing globalization, significant population shift, technological advancements, and new regulations.

Organizations must be flexible and nimble in order to obtain and keep a competitive advantage. They must deal with disruption proactively. And in order to keep it motivated and prepared for the future, they must take into account their personnel as a component of a comprehensive company plan.

We have created a specific framework for assessing, locating, and addressing the fundamental causes of insufficient learning. We can use this information, together with our in-depth knowledge of current L&D strategies and their inadequacies, to assist your company in creating a unified learning and development strategy that benefits your staff.

Additionally, we are able to provide a wide range of services to support all levels of your organization thanks to our network of more than 500 learning professionals in more than 130 countries. These services include leadership definition and development programmes as well as a number of assessments and coaching sessions.

Development of knowledge management inside organizations

Organizations must concentrate on building their underlying knowledge management infrastructure (systems, rules, and processes) in order to maximize their knowledge assets, as well as on fostering a culture that supports efficient knowledge generation, improvement, sharing, and archiving.

For distributing the appropriate knowledge to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time, EY offers a purposeful knowledge management method. It enables workers to use internal data more effectively and boosts business success.

Our technique can improve your employees’ organizational learning abilities to the fullest extent possible when it is in line with your company’s unique strategy, standards, and rules.

We can assist you in building knowledge management solutions that facilitate the seamless transfer of knowledge as well as building an information bank. We can also assist your company in developing a customer-centric taxonomy and knowledge search, supported by a broad and consistent approach to knowledge sharing, by drawing on our experience implementing cultural change improvement initiatives.