Legal Process Outsourcing

Use KRA Paymall Legal Process Outsourcing services to lessen the strain of legal work.

Package contents:

  • Outsourcing legal process: procedure
  • Managing documents and providing writing aid for legal management
  • Legal Assistance
  • Services for Lawsuit Management
  • Services for Offshore Conveyancing
  • Help and Advice with Contract Writing, Management, and Vetting
  • legal review and research service
  • coordinating all offshore registration and documents

Legal Process Outsourcing Overview

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is a method in which a company or entity hires an outside legal organization to provide all of its legal and related services. For managing their legal vertical, businesses in more than 20 countries have preferred Enterslice for over ten years.

A unit offshore handles the legal process outsourcing, which involves reasonably priced services including contract drafting, legal research, document review, property conveyance checks, and any other work that does not require the physical presence or contact of an attorney. The primary goal of outsourcing these services is to lighten the workload of multinational attorneys and increase their efficiency.

Due to the recommendations of third-party vendors to build the legal process outsourcing businesses in order to lower the legal costs in the UK, USA, Canada, etc., legal process outsourcing became well-known in India in the early 2000s. Due to the abundance of qualified paralegals and advocates, the LPO industry has seen great expansion in India, which has attracted many investors.

Benefits of Legal Process Outsourcing

The following are some benefits of legal process outsourcing:

Effective in terms of cost

How to Get Legal Procedure Due to the substantial disparity in labor prices between India and other international nations, outsourcing services from India can be rather cost-effective for foreign nations. This makes it possible for businesses to hire skilled labor at reasonable rates.

Use of Modern Technologies

LPOs use cutting-edge technology and research tools to safeguard their clients’ private records and expedite the vetting process, improving the correctness of the legal work.

Training for Staff

Legal practitioners with experience managing legal tasks are trained and available in India. Foreign businesses have long favored India as a location to outsource tasks ranging from managing the accounting functions of overseas client corporations to working with various BPO setups. This reduces the expense of the process while streamlining it for these organizations.

Superior Flexibility

The LPOs offer 24-hour services to their customers, which helps to solve the problem of time zones across nations, provides flexibility in the legal procedure, and cuts down on delivery time. Managing overseas clients has always been a challenge in terms of flexibility. For legal support around the world, has a staff of experts working 24 hours a day.

exposes attorneys and law students

Indian lawyers can learn about how foreign law firms operate and develop skills using the best industry tools by working with LPOs in India, which deal with a variety of foreign laws and regulations. This expands work options for law students, which is crucial for the advancement of legal education globally. Several students from all around the country have been drawn to this alternate career path to the conventional litigation structure.

Provide the Parent Entity command

The LPO Services help the parent organization, or the foreign firm, to establish the scope, timeline, and budget of the outsourced legal work, which gives them more control over the projects. Better operational and administrative control over the law and the operating procedure is another benefit of outsourcing legal functions.

Concentrate on the main operation

Since the majority of the work is outsourced to LPOs, they assist the foreign organization in concentrating better on their core activities. A company’s focus is shifted to the main aspects of its operations when the legal functions of the organization are outsourced. Companies all over the world have long discovered that outsourcing the whole department responsible for handling their legal operations allows them to cut costs and gain valuable time.

Orientations to Projects in an LPO

The following lists the pricing strategies utilized by LPOs.

Fixed Rate Initiatives

According to this concept, a fixed fee is assessed throughout the course of a project. Nonetheless, some cost flexibility depending on the state of the market can be permitted.

Projects with Variable Prices

In this type of pricing model, the project’s cost is based on the state of the market.

Pay per unit initiatives

Each component of the project is charged a set price in this case. Depending on the amount of work and complexity involved, the cost of the project’s components may vary.

Cost-plus-profit initiatives

The organization outsourcing the job is required to pay extra fees for a predetermined portion of the project. Regarding evolving company technologies or aims, this paradigm is not very adaptable.

Initiatives that Share Profit and Risk

Under this approach, the company and the organization operate as a partnership and split profits and losses equally.

The Services LPOs Provide

These services are offered by LPOs.

  • Lifecycle Management of Contracts
  • Conveyance to Support Lawsuit Review of Work and Research
  • Legal Assistance Services
  • Analyzing and drafting legal documents
  • Services in Intellectual Property

Lifecycle Management of Contracts

Contract lifecycle management is a process that involves numerous steps and procedures along a contract’s journey from drafting to execution. The steps that basically makeup contract lifecycle management are as follows:

  • beginning of a request
  • Contract drafting and negotiation with the opposite party
  • Obtaining the other party’s blessing
  • Contracts are signed by both parties.
  • The parties’ execution of the agreement
  • Renewal in the event of both parties’ legal performance

Contracts are examined and verified as part of this procedure. Checking for errors in a contract is referred to as a contract review. The contract contains errors in the language, grammar, and spelling. The practice of examining a contract’s legality is known as contract vetting. Simply said, vetting concentrates on making sure the contract complies with the law, whereas review concentrates on grammatical errors. Lawyers must possess a thorough understanding of the law and a command of the language in order to assess and evaluate contracts.

Support in Court

Although international law firms are not permitted to practice in India, litigation support involves reviewing court records such as complaints and petition appeals and extracting pertinent data as requested by the client, such as the docket number, case name, and hearing date. Litigation help includes coordinating the appearances, creating the petitions, and administering the ADR proceedings for the clients. We  have a team of experienced attorneys that will handle every aspect of the case, from filing it to determining an appropriate or favorable resolution.

Job in Conveyance

Global law firms that specialize in real estate outsource their conveyance work to India. The offshore LPO would be contacted by the law firm to carry out necessary tasks such as title research, document inspection, and scanning. Because of this, conveyance companies all over the world outsource this task so they may concentrate on all the crucial aspects of running their companies. We are a reputable consulting company that offers conveyancing services all around the world.

Study and Investigation: Legal

Also, offshore companies would perform services like evaluation and research. The offshore firm may do legal research on behalf of the domestic law firm. Legal research is aided by legal databases like Westlaw and Lexis Library. Research in the following areas is part of our research and review services:

  • Studies on corporate law, intellectual property, and related services, as well as publications on international civil and criminal law
  • Services for Researching Legislative History
  • research and reporting on case law
  • Legislative History Research Service for New Clients
  • Search for Patents
  • Support for Lawsuit Discovery
  • Legal Assistance with Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Our research services also include promoting your legal entity and making reports, blogs, and other materials readily available. Our skilled staff of legal researchers can perform a range of tasks for your company, including creating thorough research reports/Blogs and legal marketing content.

support for legal documentation

Our knowledgeable staff  will provide complete assistance in managing all of your business’s drafting and paperwork needs. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, managing all the drafting and documentation support must have been difficult. According to the needs of your company, our professionals will handle all of the drafting and paperwork requirements.

Paralegal Assistance

All of the company’s legal databases and documentation are managed by paralegal services. Paralegals or legal administrative assistants are crucial to the success of your company. Businesses all across the world have outsourced paralegal services, looking at it professionally. To give the best legal solutions, we offer qualified and experienced paralegal professionals.

Services in Intellectual Property

Global demand for IP services is on the rise. This term describes the intellectual assets that businesses own, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial design rights. Our professionals offer comprehensive assistance for registering your trademark overseas, whether it involves a literary or musical reference. The services covered by IP include the following:

  • Registration of trademarks
  • Registration of Copyright
  • Registration of Patents
  • Registration of Designs
  • Registered Trade Secrets

Frequently Asked Questions:

What services will be included under the LPO?

The following services are covered by the LPO:

  • Lifecycle Management of Contracts
  • Conveyance to Support Lawsuit Review of Work and Research
  • Legal Assistance Services
  • a legal document Analysis and Drafting

Can an LPO work virtually?

Absolutely, an LPO operates virtually to offer its clients support every day of the week.

How can data security and privacy be guaranteed?

Being a top consulting company has always placed protecting sensitive client information at the center of all we do. To eliminate any risk to the data provided by our clients, we use AI-driven software with end-to-end security.

What industries may I outsource our legal management too?

Our staff of experts has experience with countless legal procedures; a few of the fundamental areas are described below:

  • medical-legal assistance
  • Legal support staff and paralegals
  • Taxation service is legal.
  • Services for accounting and auditing documents
  • services for immigrants
  • IT solutions

Is it legal to use LPO services in underdeveloped countries?

Absolutely, practically all countries in the world permit the use of LPO services.