Services for Non-Executive Directors

Directors must exercise strategic control over the company’s activities in every organization. Both independent and non-independent members of the board of directors serve an important function in the development of the business. Prudence and discretion are needed to carry out the board’s duties. Non-Executive directors are essential to the growth of the business. Determining the services for non-executive directors is crucial.

Package contents:

  • Non-Executive Director Services
  • Services for Non-Executive Directors in Appointments
  • Compensation and Non-Executive Directors’ Establishing Committees
  • Contracts and Conditions of Employment for Non-Executive Directors

Outline of Services for Non-Executive Directors

The Companies Act of 2013 is a part of Indian corporate law. The Companies Act of 1956 had previously governed the requirements relating to directors. The Companies Act of 2013’s Section 149 discusses the appointment of directors to a business. For public limited businesses to perform their duties, independent directors must be appointed in addition to the directors. Companies would need to provide non-executive directors with certain services before they could be appointed.


According to the Companies Act of 2013, the phrase “Non Executive Directors” has no clear definition. But, Rule 2(k) of the Companies (Specification of Definition Details) Regulations, 2014 defines what an Executive Director is. An executive director is a “whole-time director” who oversees the duties necessary for the operation of the business. This would be in accordance with Companies Act of 2013 Section 2(94).


Under the guidelines of the Companies Act of 2013, the word “executive director” would be included in the definition of a whole-time director. So, a non executive director would be anyone who serves as a director but does not fully fulfill their duties for a corporation. Non-executive directors are typically appointed based on the idea of functional independence.


There is a space for non-executive directors on the Nomination and Remuneration Committee (NRC). Majority of the directors of this committee must be non executive directors. Hence as per the requirements of the company, the independence of non executive directors should not be compromised.


Services for Non Executive Directors Provide Advantages

Services for non-executive directors have various advantages:



The business can rely on independence when using nonexecutive director services. A corporation needs to appoint non-executive directors, which calls for a certain level of ability and caution that can only be offered by specialists. Using our services for Non Executive Directors would therefore be advantageous for your business.


Terms of Engagement

It takes a lot of work to select a Non Executive Director. As a result, the process of choosing a Non Executive Director would take a long time. At Enterslice, we would make sure that a Non Executive Directors appointment went smoothly and without a hitch. Such appointment processes would be streamlined in accordance with the needs of the business. We will customize the appointment to meet your needs.


Employment Contract

When it comes to writing the terms and conditions for the employment contract, we’ve got you covered. Non-Executive Directors must have employment agreements that meet the company’s requirements. Using our non-executive director services would save you time and money.


Correct Checks

We will make sure to do background checks for crimes and other types of offenses that may result in disqualifications or bankruptcy. This is a crucial stage in the selection of non-executive directors.


responsibilities under the Services for Non-Executive Directors

There are specific conditions and obligations that non-executive directors must meet in order to use our services as non-executive directors. The following responsibilities must be fulfilled in accordance with the company’s requirements:


Conduct a performance evaluation

A member of the board would be a non-executive director. As a result, they would have to evaluate the shareholders of the company’s performance. The management’s tasks would be examined as part of this performance evaluation. The required performance would be used to compare the actual performance. Non-Executive Directors have crucial roles to play in performance reporting and annual reporting compliance in addition to performing obligations linked to performance reviews.

  • Control the Business

The company’s success would also be facilitated by non-executive directors. The company’s strategic initiatives are their primary responsibility. This would entail enhancing market performance for the organization. They must be well conversant with the market and be able to fulfill the company’s expectations. Prior to implementation, a “SWOT study” must be performed to determine the company’s specific risks. The SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that remedial action can be taken. Risk reduction is a vital responsibility that Non Executive Directors must complete. Non-Executive Directors require all of the aforementioned services to be delivered.

  • Commitment

This would entail abstaining from any COIs with the business. When a possible business opportunity clashes with a director’s personal interests, it is said to be a conflict of interest. In order to avoid conflicts with the company, a non-executive director must exercise caution and good judgment. This needs to be done in accordance with their appointment’s requirements.

  • Controlling risks

To reduce risks, directors must possess risk management abilities. Directors must possess in-depth understanding of the market in order to fulfill the firm’s requirements. Risk management encompasses both internal corporate risks as well as external threats to which the company is vulnerable. Hence, one of the requirements for non-executive directors is risk management. We would make sure that caution is exercised in relation to the appointment of directors under our services for non-executive directors.

  • Additional Benefit

Non-Executive Directors are crucial firm executives. They would help the company by bringing in new business. They must therefore possess strong interpersonal and negotiating abilities in order to support the company’s development.

  • Grow as a Professional

As part of our non-executive director services, we would see to it that ongoing professional growth is achieved. The organization can accomplish a variety of goals through professional development.

  • Meetings

The demands of the corporation must be met by the directors. So, they are required to actively participate in all meetings held by the company.


What services may Enterslice provide to non-executive directors?


At Enterslice, we have a superb team of experts who provide excellent professional services for corporations and other organizations. To ensure that your business receives the right services, our team of specialists includes highly qualified Chartered Accountants, Attorneys, and Business Professionals. The following services are available to non-executive directors:

  • Business Search

Search and recruiting for companies would be one of our services for non-executive directors. We would do a thorough search for businesses in order to employ the best talent. This would serve as the foundation for nonexecutive directors’ appointments. All information supplied to Enterslice would be secret because we appreciate the need for confidentiality. In addition to helping Non Executive Directors who need to be employed by a firm, our company search would also entail supplying Non Executive Directors to companies.

  • following the rules

Complete compliance with corporate requirements is one of our key services for non-executive directors. Under various circumstances, India’s corporate landscape is evolving. These modifications are a direct result of modernization and technological advancement. Many laws are passed by the government with the benefit of the populace. Compliance audits are part of our non-executive director services. The Companies Act of 2013, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, 1992, the Reserve Bank of India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), and other statutory agencies that provide various rules for compliance of non executive directors will be among them.

  • Drafting Appointment Letter

The circumstances pertaining to the appointment of Non Executive Directors would also be included in our definitive services for Non Executive Directors. For the purpose of carrying out the requirements for appointing directors, we have a diversified staff of attorneys and compliance officers. The terms of the appointment letter would be negotiated. The following are some of the significant clauses that would be included in the appointment letter:


Blue Pencil Contracts


  • Non-Compete Agreements


  • Compensation


  • Roles and Duties

  • Rules and Regulations

Our primary non-executive director services center on customizing our offerings to your business’ needs. So, we would bargain over the terms and circumstances surrounding the appointment of directors.

  • Non-Compete Requirements are negotiated

Several types of non-compete clauses for directors and other board executives have been developed by courts around the globe. Courts have established specific guidelines for non-compete clauses in India as well. Those conditions would be considered an agreement in constraint to do lawful business for the corporation under the Indian Contract Act of 1872. Non-executive directors may agree to non-compete clauses. Yet, our non-executive director services would guarantee that such terms are fair. This would entail bargaining and going over the contract to see whether any clauses are inappropriate.


Services for Non-Executive Directors from Enterslice


  • The primary goal of Enterslice is to improve your business.
  • Chartered accountants, company secretaries, attorneys, and financial executives make up our professional team.
  • Over the course of seven years, we have acquired experience in contract analysis, negotiation, and professional recruitment.
  • 24 hour client service.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What do non-executive directors receive as services?

The needs of non-executive directors for a corporation would include services for non-executive directors. Companies may need nonexecutive directors on the board in this situation. Another circumstance is when non-executive directors might look into possible employment prospects within a corporation.


What rules apply to non-executive directors?

In India, there are various non-executive director-related provisions. The clauses pertaining to non-executive directors would be as follows:


Regulations issued from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the Companies Act, 2013, Laws and Regulations under the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Companies (Specification of Definition Details) Rules, 2014 Rules set by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).


What distinguishes a non-executive director from an executive director?

Under the 2013 Companies Act, the phrase “non executive director” has no clear definition. However, an executive director is a full-time director who fulfills the qualifications for the company as established by Rule 2(k) of the Companies (Specification of Definition Details) Regulations, 2014. As a result of the foregoing, a Non Executive Director is defined as a person who holds the title of director but does not work “Full Time” for an organization.


What are some of the services that Enterslice offers non-executive directors?

Drafting terms and conditions of appointment, negotiating terms pertaining to competition provisions in contracts, and compliance services are just a few of the non-executive director services offered by Enterslice.


What distinguishes a non-executive director from an independent director?

Non-executive directors are not employed by the corporation under any conditions. A non-executive director’s responsibilities wouldn’t be full-time for the corporation. As a result, the director would be responsible for acting as a consultant for the business. An individual who performs duties for the business is referred to as an independence director. The independent director would receive only compensation.


Does the non-executive director get paid?

Yes, non-executive directors must get a salary as a monthly payment or a specified percentage of profits/revenues made by the company under Section 197 of the Companies Act of 2013.