Virtual CFO Services

Business operations have seen significant modifications as a result of digitization. The use of technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and data-driven software is increasing among enterprises globally. A finance department is necessary for businesses that frequently submit financial reports. The CFO is in charge of the finances. Yet, several organizations lack the funding necessary to staff an internal financial department. These companies either use virtual CFO services or outsource the task.

Package contents:

  • Services for virtual CFO software.
  • Mechanisms for budgetary control.
  • Administration of the Creditor and Debtor Systems.
  • Goods and Services Tax Computation (GST).
  • Compliance with Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).
  • Services for human resources.
  • Services for Income Tax Returns (ITR).
  • Observing Registrar of Companies requirements (ROC Compliance).
  • Legal Observance.
  • Reporting from a management information system (MIS).

A virtual CFO: What is it?

Alternatives, such as outsourcing the financial function to another company, are available to businesses without internal finance departments. In addition, the company can make use of virtual CFO services. Services provided by a virtual CFO can be obtained online or through a third party consultant. Businesses now have to adjust due to digitalization to the ever-changing environment. Certain companies, such as start-ups and SMEs, may lack the funding necessary to employ a Chief Financial Officer on staff (CFO). As a result, these companies would choose virtual CFO services.

The introduction of digitization has increased the difficulty of a CFO’s job. A CFO must possess the necessary abilities to perform managerial, business, and financial duties in this cutthroat climate. Every organization is required to hire a chartered accountant (CA), who is in charge of managing the organization’s finances.

What benefits come from using virtual CFO services?

Because of digital challenges, the business environment is now more cutthroat. So, having virtual CFO services is essential. The use of virtual CFO services has a variety of benefits. The benefits of employing these services are as follows.


Using virtual CFO services would benefit the company’s IT integration. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, data analytics, and big data are used by virtual CFO companies to improve the process of maintaining compliance. With this technique, accounting conformity can be preserved. A company using virtual CFO services can also receive frequent information on compliance requirements in addition to the foregoing. High-end technology like artificial intelligence and data analytics are used by Enterslice’s CFO services to deliver seamless services.

Monetary projections

A company using these services would be able to get budgetary analyses and financial estimates. The organization could better estimate its finances and budgets thanks to the services provided. To safeguard your company’s money, Enterslice’s services would leverage prediction technologies like predictive analytics.

Accounting Conformity

By utilizing this solution, the company would also benefit from compliance with accounting systems. An organization in India is required to uphold conformity with many regulatory bodies. These organizations include the Income Tax Authorities, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Employing virtual CFO services will ensure that your company complies with regulatory authorities as well as accounting standards. Utilizing Enterslice services will give you updates on the many compliances that your firm must adhere to.

Budgetary Management

You would have a way to manage your finances if you used this service. Each organization has a set budget that it uses to fund a variety of operations. Our team of experts, which includes CAs, CMAs, and CSs, will plan and write a budgetary report in accordance with the needs of your company. Your firm can obtain a thorough report on budgetary analysis and report with this service. An ordinary CFO cannot provide this. Even if offered, the needed level of outcomes would require a lot of time and work to obtain.

Provides Virtual CFO Services

Our services will guarantee high-quality services that maximize value for your company. We make sure the services we offer are of the highest caliber. Our Virtual CFO service will make sure that the financial resources of your company are managed to the best of your ability. Not only will this solution improve the efficiency of your financial operations, but it will also give your company general technical, administrative, and managerial help. Within the scope of our virtual CFO package, we provide the following services:

Compliance with Goods and Services Tax

For GST compliance, all firms that offer services must register with the appropriate authority. The following services will be a component of the virtual CFO package under Goods and Services Tax Compliance:

  • Observe of the appropriate GST rates for a variety of services provided by your organization.
  • How to use the HSN Code for various goods and services (Unique Generated Code).
  • Minimal Requirements for Business GST Registration.
  • documents needed to register for GST.
  • GST Reconciliation Services are available in the event of any discrepancy.
  • Compliance with electronic way bills (e-Way Bills).
  • Computation and compliance with input tax credits.
  • Application of the Letter of Undertaking (LUT) in cases of export of commodities.
  • Mechanisms for GST appeals.
  • Refund of GST
Compliance with Tax Deducted at Source

The payee is responsible for paying the tax withheld at source when an individual or organization sends payments that exceed a certain threshold. By doing this, conformity with the Income Tax Act of 1961’s provisions must be upheld. The following TDS compliance would be a part of our virtual CFO package:

  • compliance with TDS’s general regulations.
  • TDS rule calculation and interpretation.
  • timely notice of payments made by the payee for TDS.
  • assisting with the payment system used by the TDS portal.
  • submission of returns, which are due every quarter.
  • conformity with Form 16/Form 16A.
  • TDS reconciliation services via Form 26A.
Services for Human Resources

More than only accounting and financial services are required of modern CFOs. So, CFOs must actively participate in the main tasks completed by the organization. We also provide human resource services for your company’s financial and operational needs as part of our virtual CFO package. The following services would be provided by us:

  • All tiers of your organization’s payroll are supported.
  • Contractual agreements between the employer and its employees, executive agreements, and non-compete clauses—most commonly employed in post-termination situations—are all examples of agreements.
  • Occupational policies.
  • Executive policies that are applicable to the organization’s top management executives. Non-compete, garden leave, restrictive covenant, and blue pencil agreements are a few examples of such terms.
  • Agreements for your organization’s outsourcing of human resources services.
  • adherence to various labor laws, including the Shops and Establishments Act, the Workmen Compensation Act, and the Industrial Disputes Act.
  • Work involving human resources is done at all corporate management levels.
  • Documents Assistance for HR: Company Handbook, Exit Clauses, Employment Terms, and Conditions, etc.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), often called confidentiality agreements, are used to protect sensitive information.
Income Tax Return Filing

Anyone, whether an individual or an entity with taxable income, is required to file income tax returns. The Income Tax Act of 1961 and the specific income tax regulations that apply to the entity govern the filing of income taxes. The virtual CFO package at Enterslice would include the services listed below:

  • In accordance with the 1961 Income Tax Act, compliance is upheld.
  • Businesses’ timely filing of income tax returns.
  • assisting with tax filing for businesses at the appropriate rates.
  • tax return computation.
  • Form 26AS is used for the income tax reconciliation process.
  • If the company is applicable, an advanced tax calculation.

Observing Registrar of Companies requirements (ROC)

When a new entity is created, it must adhere to the Registrar of Companies’ standards. Similar to individuals, entities must submit particular returns to the ROC. The following services are provided by Enterslice under ROC compliance as a part of the virtual CFO package it offers:

  • Financial Statements are yearly filed with the Registrar of Companies.
  • As the meeting’s minutes are being taken, make sure compliance is upheld.
  • Director compliance with the “know your client” principle.
  • assisting in the company’s board resolution preparation.
  • Secretary of Services and Support Activities for the Business.
Legal Assistance Services

Many types of legal compliance services would be provided as part of the virtual package we offer. The services that would be provided are:

  • Process for creating corporate organizations in a different form.
  • ROC Legal Observance.
  • Legal contracts and other policies are reviewed.
  • Distribution Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Franchise Agreements, and Leasing Agreements are a few examples of agreements that fall under this category.
  • assistance with appeals and legal services.
  • Legal forms for establishing agreements with various organizations.

Reporting from a management information system (MIS Reporting)

The process of delivering a report to the management of an organization is known as MIS reporting. This aids management in making choices that may have long-term effects on the firm. MIS reporting is typically an online procedure of reporting that will influence important organizational choices. When it comes to MIS, Enterslice will provide a thorough report. Enterslice performs the reports listed below:

  • Financial Reports.
  • forecasting financial data.
  • preparing the reports and ensuring continued compliance.
  • Reports analysis using spreadsheets.
Maintaining books

The daily recording of financial transactions is known as bookkeeping. An organization does this to comprehend how many purchases, sales, inventories, and supplies are currently held by the organization. We at Enterslice provide bookkeeping services to meet your company’s demands. We provide the subsequent categories of bookkeeping services:

  • Keeping track of ledgers.
  • Accounts Management.
  • Rectifying.
  • Tallying.

Services for Payables Management

It becomes a debt to the organization when there are particular payments that must be made and if they are overdue. Allocation and administration of an organization’s payables are both included in payables management. The following would fall under this:

  • Allocation of various types of costs.
  • determining the relative importance of the various types of indebtedness.
  • discussions with creditors.

Temporary CFO

We also provide temporary CFO services as part of our virtual CFO package. Interim CFOs are a type of CFO who provide various services for various kinds of firms. This CFO is referred to as an interim CFO because they are only serving as one for a limited time. As an interim CFO, we provide the following services:

  • services for an interim virtual CFO,

Financial Administration

We also provide financial management for your company in our package. The following financial management services are available from us:

  • management of the business’s finances.
  • getting a report ready.

Corporate Responsibility

Transparency between an organization’s various stakeholders is referred to as corporate governance. Directors, stockholders, and customers are some examples of the organization’s stakeholders. As part of the virtual CFO package, Enterslice provides the following governance services:

  • putting the Governance Framework into practice.
  • helping to define the various functions performed by the executive and non-executive directors.

Advantage Virtual CFO by Enterslice

  • A reputable management consultant offering expert services is Enterslice.
  • Specialists at Enterslice have offered virtual CFO services to NBFCs and large corporations. Our main goal is to introduce value-based methods to your company.
  • Our teams of experts are made up of Chartered Accountants, IT specialists, lawyers, and company secretaries.
  • We have a great deal of experience dealing with Indian tax, accounting, and transaction consultancy issues.

Accessing Enterslice

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What distinguishes a typical CFO from a virtual CFO?

An organization appoints a typical CFO to carry out CFO-related tasks. A virtual CFO, however, provides a company with outside guidance and recommendations. Comparing a Virtual CFO to a traditional CFO has advantages.

What advantages do using Enterslice Virtual CFO services offer?

We provide the following services at Enterslice:

  • Expert Assistance.
  • IT team that is very integrated.
  • Constant customer support.
  • Skilled CA and CS Team.

Are these services superior to hiring a typical CFO?

In fact, using virtual services is preferable to using traditional ones. Comparing virtual services to traditional services, virtual services are quicker. Also, virtual services use a variety of interfaces, including AI and data analytics, to speed up the process.

What are the primary functions a virtual CFO provides?

The following are some of the primary services a virtual CFO provides:

  • Financial Administration.
  • Financial management.
  • GST Reporting.
  • Filing income taxes.

HR management.

  • Reporting on MIS.
  • The legal process.